The NEW Air N Arc®
ALL-IN-ONE Power System®

Vanair®, the leading manufacturer and innovator of Mobile Power Solutions® and Lincoln Electric®, renowned for its world-leading design, development, and manufacturer of arc welding products, have joined forces in a strategic collaboration that leverages the strengths of both companies to bring the next generation of Air N Arc® ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems® to the marketplace. The collaboration combines Lincoln Electric’s 127 years in leading the world in welding technology with Vanair’s 50 years of engineering expertise in mobile air compressors, engine-starting, and multi-function load management technology.

Releasing Summer 2023

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Vanair Air N Arc Power System
Air N Arc 330 Diesel All-In-One Power Systems. 60 CFM, 10 kW, 330 A


Power System® Functionality

  • Ability to have all tools needed in one package; weight reduction
  • Air Compressor, Welder, Generator, Battery Booster, and Battery Charger
  • Requires less room on a vehicle than having each component separate
  • Less maintenance and cost: one engine to maintain vs. separate components

Lincoln Electric® Welding with Chopper Technology®

  • Best welding capabilities available in any market
  • 330A is the most offered in a multi-function machine
  • A separate dedicated welder is no longer needed for customers that perform large welding jobs
  • Dedicated air gouge mode and other critical welds

Auto Start Stop/ Auto Engine Speed Control

  • Unit will start/stop based on needs
  • Reduction of engine speed when not needed will result in quieter operation (variable speed)
  • User no longer must walk back and forth to the control panel when working
  • Patent pending advanced load sharing, management technology

Vanair® 60 CFM Air Compressor and Multi-function Machine

  • Best air compressor available in the market today and in an ALL-IN-ONE package
  • Big air for big jobs; run large impacts and air tools
  • Vanair’s lifetime warranty of air ends

Ease of Installation and Industry-leading Dealer Support Network

  • One control panel for an upfitter to install vs. multiple
  • Smaller harness to control panel for easier installation and flexibility
  • Easy machine connections- all connections are easy to access and located for optimal installation on the vehicle
  • Dealer support and service at more than 200 locations across North America
  • After sale support

Easily Accessible Maintenance Points

  • All oil and fuel filters are in the same area with drains for easy access and maintenance
  • Air filters are easily accessed from the top of the machine
  • Panels are hinged and removable for the utmost accessibility in any multi-function machine



  • Direct Coupled Generator & Heavy Duty Belt Drive System for Compressor
  • Machine Mounted or Remote Mount Control Panel for the Ultimate in User Convenience
  • Fuel System Integrated with the Chassis
  • Latched Access Hood Panels with Lift-off Hinges
  • Designed for Easy Maintenance
  • 2-Point Lift Bail
  • Will Mount on Side Pack, or Under Box
  • Powder Coated Galvannealed Steel Sheet Metal
  • Brushless Electric Cooling Fan
  • Vanair® High Brightness LCD Display
  • Electronic Inlet Control for Smooth and Accurate Pressure Regulation
  • Multiple Exhaust Configurations; Top and Rear

Air Compressor

  • Vanair® Rotary Screw Compressor for Air-On-Demand
  • 60 CFM @ 100 PSI (40 CFM @ 150 PSI), Up to 175 PSI
  • Separate Receiver Tank Assembly
  • Made in the USA


  • Lincoln Electric® Welder
  • DC Multi-Process Arc Welder with Chopper Technology®
    • CC (Stick, Gouging & TIG) 35-330 Amps
    • CV (MIG & FCAW) 14-40 Volts

Charge Back to Chassis Mode

  • Up to 150 Amps

Battery Booster and Charger

  • 330 AMP, 12V/24V Boost
  • 50 AMP, 12V Charge

Control Panel

  • Machine Mounted or Remote Mounted
  • 4.3” Electronic LCD Display with Pushbuttons
  • Bright Light Visibility
  • Dual 120V, GFCI Receptacles
  • Single 240V, 50A Receptacle
  • Selector Knob for Easy Menu Navigation and Setting Adjustment, and Mode Selection
  • Ignition Switch


  • Lincoln Electric® AC Generator
  • 10,000W Continuous Output, 120/240V, 60Hz
  • Single Phase
  • AC, Brushed Generator
  • Smooth Output for Minimal Distortion


  • 24.8HP Kubota® D902, 3 Cylinder Water Cooled Diesel Engine:
    • High Idle: 3600
    • Low Idle: 1700
  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Tier 4F Emission Compliant

Cold Weather Package

  • Integrated 12V Weather Package
  • 120V Engine Block Heater (Optional)


  • Welding Cables - 25’, 50’
  • Welding Helmet with Auto Darkening Lens
  • Battery Booster Cables
  • Cable Extensions
  • Remote Fuel Tank
  • Remote Air Tank
  • Remote Condensation Drain
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Welding Rods
  • 240V GFCI Kit Available
  • 120V Engine Block Heater
  • 1.5kW/3kW Inverter

Dimensions and Weight

  • 47.5 L x 21.4 W x 25.6 H (in.) Footprint
  • 48.2 L x 21.9 W x 27 H (in.) With Fittings
  • 750 lbs. Dry Weight


10896 West 300 North, Michigan City, IN 46360

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm CST.